Support, run and pray together for the Sudans

S4J is a funding initiative under the auspices of SSNET where athletes who run the Comrades Marathon, and other races, raise funds for the various projects in which SSNET is involved.

How its done

The crowdfunding platform BackaBuddy is being utilised as a fundraising mechanism for the athletes.

We where there

Every year since 2010 the S4J support team was present at the Comrades with their support points to encourage the athletes.

sJ4 Family

Being a part of the S4J family is a tremendous rewarding experience. We support, pray and run together for the people of Sudan. Creating awareness of the situation in the Sudans is a great part of what S4J stands for.


The S4J support points along the Comrades route are like an oasis in the arid dessert. Anybody who has ever run a Comrades Marathon knows that support along the route is what pulls you through.

Passion, passion, Passion


Proudly S4j


Spreading the word


Supporting athletes

Wed | Thur | Sat @ 1:30

Fundraising Stats

We Smashed it!

Funds raised via SJ4, making a difference in the lives of the Sudan people!! 

R 1 K
R 1 K

Family feedback corner

Some feedback from our giving familiy

Was it not for the support of the S4J team during my first Comrades in 2011, I might not have finished the race.”
Annelize Hietbrink
S4J Member
We as family appreciate the S4J initiative of paying tribute to Pierre and Erika during Loskop 2019. Erika was in her “happy place” on the road between Middelburg and Loskop dam and it is heartwarming to know that athletes will think about Erika, Pierre and their children during this event
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